Term 3!

Oh no! 9 weeks and 1 day until the end of primary for me! In a way I’m excited yet I’m terrified inside. Though right now I better get to the point about term 3 for me.

My Favourite part so far was the Ski Camp at the start but thats not all! There was also:

  • Fonterra Science Road Show
  • Huge classroom clean up
  • Technology
  • French class
  • Calender Art
  • Collage
  • Science e.g. Marbels
  • Artsplash

These are just some of the things we did that I was highly inpressed that they were so great, but the big reason why I liked them is because they weren’t the same old ruteen! A change can be good although I’m not saying our normal ruteen is boring because it was increadibly fun!

This Term I have learnt a heap of things that fasinated me and made me want to investigate to find out more and I hope to find more things that will fasinate me for next term and the college years to come.

Please leave a comment about this post and if you have any questions, I’m all ears!

Sonia 😀



Fonterra Science Road Show!

Explosions and gas are just 2 things that you may find in a science lab!

On Tuesday it was a science day for Room 3 and 8 because we went to the Fonterra Science Road show! We learnt so many new and interesting things!

One of the things that fascinated me was that magnifying glasses were originally water because in those days they didn’t have glass or high technology as we do to this very day. Over generations they made telescopes and to this very day there are telescopes that you could see a basket ball on the moon from earth!

One thing I enjoyed heaps and got quite a surprise from was the Elephant Toothpaste! I loved seeing the foam get bigger and bigger as it strung around just like toothpaste! It gave me quite a surprise, but come on who doesn’t like a good old surprise?! I found out that if you look on youtube and type in ” Elephant Toothpaste” it will show you how to make it and what it looks like but make sure that if you are under 18 to ask your parents before making it!

We also learnt about solids turning in to liquid, then in to gas! For example a solid is ice. It starts off living in a freezer,  then if you leave it in the sun it will eventually melt in to a liquid which is water,  then if you make it even hotter it can get to the stage where it is a gas!

This experience has made me realize that science can be awesome fun and incredibly interesting, but only if you decide to give it a chance!


New Learning!

Hello people of the world!!! I had a great new learning today but I better get to the point before you all fall asleep!

Today I was doing my SRA reading and I was having a quite interesting read! Once I was finished I got told to mark my own work so I went over to a table marked it. It seemed good so far and only a couple wrong! So I went to the teacher and to my greatest surprise I got moved up a level to BLUE!!! 

This was an awesome achievement and it felt awesome!!! I am so proud of myself but now I am I have to work hard to get good marks in the next level! If you have any achievements lately then I would love to hear about them and how you felt about it so please leave a comment!!!

Sonia 😀

My Guides Trip to Tawa!

If you are a guide you will know what this trip was because it happened yesterday but I might as well get to the point…

Sunday 11th August 2012! Walking in to the hall for the opening ceremony was awesome. I spotted some of my friends from jamboree, ate my morning tea and we got flower necklaces to tell us apart from one group to another! My group’s colour was GREEN!!!It turned out to be one of my favourite colours in the whole universe and I wore it all day!

We did activities all day and these are the activities that we did…

  • Cooking (making fudge and icing cones!)
  • Dancing in all different styles!
  • Marble tracks
  • Making bouncy balls with water balloons
  • Making an obstical course and many more!!!

If you think a day like this is fun you should try some things like this! Please comment!!!

Sonia 😀

The Big surprise!

I bet your all wondering what this big surprise is and are all so keen to know what it is, well I better just get to the point!

On Saturday I had a netball game and we did our usual routeen, stretching, warming up and other things. Once I was finished I went to court 3 to get ready to play. My team got together and we started practising on half court just before the game when my mum called me.

She told me that someone was here for me and the first person I saw was my big sister’s boyfriend, Daniel. He told me to turn around and I really got the biggest surprise of all!!!

My big sister Donella was standing there!!! I jumped in to her arms as I had not seen her in months!!! That was truly the best surprise I could ever ask for! Please leave a comment!!!!!

Sonia 😀

What would I do with Infinity dollars?

I’d be filthy rich! I would buy a Mansion with a pool, spa, lollies and fruit dispensers, but best of all I would put millions towards the people in need. I would go on heaps of shopping sprees but all this would not change who I am and the loved ones and friends who I care about. I would by my own shopping mall with all my sizes and it would be my wardrobe! I’d stay at the same school and have the same friends but life would be so FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d go on holidays to France, South Africa, Rio, England, Netherlands and America! I would see if I could meet the President of the United States, America and I would buy so much!!!I would travel the world and follow my dreams. I would grow my own garden with all types fruit and vegetables! I would grow flowers of all types like:

  • Roses
  • lilies
  • daffodils

One thing I know for sure is that my parents will manage the money so I wont be able to go CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave a comment please and tell me what you would do if you had Infinity dollars, what you would spend it on and what you think of some of the things I would spend it on. If you have any questions on this subject leave a comment and I will reply as soon as possible!

Thanks, Sonia 😀



This Week….

What did we do this week? Hmmmmmm………oh! I know…

We did French on Tuesday and I learned some names of food e.g. fromach is cheese! We also revised on numbers e.g. dix, viant , trente and so on.

On Wednesday I found out I am one of the best at multiplication and I took a test online. I think I did quite well on my test and I found out my strength,which is solving problems which I think is quite useful so there is one ray of sunshine for the first week of term 3! But that is not all that happened….

We did some maori activities yesterday on the subject of Matariki. We made posters, mini maraes and word finds! Best of all, we watched the story of Matariki on the computer. Leave a comment and tell me what you think and if you know anything about Matariki please say so! 

Thanks, Sonia 😀

Description of an Old man

He’s old and shriveled like a old prune that has been lying on the old musty floor since 1884. He’s wrinkled up like a big pus filled wart. Bags sag under his eyes as if he is storing a bag of old wrinkly potatoes. He has a very well kept beard and long gray hair. He has a bland look on his face and it is as if a smile is going to spread across it.Maybe he’s poor and alone with nothing left?

Maybe he’s sad and tired and looks as if he has just given up on something really important to him?

His hair is all messy and looks a bit tangled from the very strong wind. Maybe he hasn’t washed it in years?

It looks like all he has is a scratchy old jersey to keep him warm and safe from the chilly wind which passes by every now and again, but it never leaves permanently.

Reflection on French!

What did I learn in French class? Hmmmm……

Oh I know! I learned:

  • What some colours are in French like: vert, rouge,rose,orange,bleu, jaunie, violet!
  • What the weather is like eg, II fait beau (sunny!)
  • Members of the family eg, pere (father)

Months in a year: Janvier, Fevrier, Mars, Avril, Mai, Juin, Juillet, Aout, Septembre, Octobre, Novembre, Decembre!

Please leave a comment! Thanks,


St Patrick’s Day Fair!

On Saturday was the St Patrick’s Day Fair! As soon as I arrived with Grace we got really busy. Since I was doing a game I had to run to Grace Hall and back heaps to bring the balloons to the to the game. As I went, Lisa and Debra got quite wet and apparently the balloons were not behaving! After a long while, (after kapa haka of course) I asked if I could have a break to watch Breellen do Irish Dancing and of course the answer was YES!!!

The Irish dancers were absolutely amazing and you could see that they had put a lot of practice in to their dance routines! As time went by, I went to the old hall to see what was going on and I saw the craziest thing! Grace and Monique were trying to Irish dance, but they were failing at it and it was hilarious!

Once the Irish dancing was over I went to get some candy floss and lucky for me there was practically no line at all and so Monique  followed along and we both got huge sticks with a big lump of candy floss on top…YUM!

Next I went to see how my Mum and Dad were doing since they were on the roast spit! (by the way it’s not real spit) Mum offered me a mini pork spit and I said a big fat…. YES!!!! After that I wondered off to go eat it in Grace Hall with Monique.

Then, it was finally time for the costume contest! There was so many spectacular costumes! I didn’t win a prise but I didn’t mind at all.

Finally, there was a great big Bunny bouncy castle. Although Monique and I were a bit old for it, we went on it anyway! Finding a bunch of preschoolers on it, we didn’t stay for long! After a big afternoon with heaps of fun, it was home time and that was enough for me!